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Recognized as "Quantum Valley" and internationally reknowned for our post-secondary institutions, global think tanks and our startup incubators

Over 50,000 students come to our city every year; and with good reason - we are home to three internationally renowned post-secondary institutions.

Our research centres, including the Perimeter Institute, Centre for International Governance Innovation, Balsillie School for International Affairs, the Mike and Ophelia Lazaridis Institute for Quantum Computing and the Institute of Nanotechnology, have also garnered us global acclaim.

weare_an intelligent community

Our city was named the world's Intelligent Community of the Year in 2007 by the Intelligent Communities Forum (ICF).

Intelligent Community of the YearThis great honour acknowledges the community that best exemplifies the development of a prosperous economy based on broadband and information technology.

Our success illustrates the power of getting critical things right and then working together over the long haul to nurture and manage the resulting success.

We received the Intelligent Community of the Year honour at an award ceremony at the 2007 ICF conference in New York.

ICF recognized us there for our commitment to fostering institutions that drive technology innovation and share its benefits through a culture of learning and technology growth within the community.

Our intelligent community strategy aims to ensure that technological achievements are developed locally and celebrated internationally. These initiatives can be used to link social and economic entrepreneurship across communities and to share our skills, services, applications and other broadband achievements within the region, across Canada and around the world.

University of Waterloo, IQC BuildingInstitute for Quantum Computing, University of Waterloo 

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