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From companies like OpenText, Virtek and Teledyne Dalsa, to up-and-coming superstars like Kik Interactive, Magnet Forensics and Thalmic Labs, it’s no wonder we have been ranked among the top 20 startup ecosystems in the world.

Our entrepreneurial spirit and the University of Waterloo’s intellectual property policy make us a premier destination for startups. This, coupled with the support of the Accelerator Centre, means that over 80 per cent of graduates remain in our community.

Today, there are over 30,000 technology professionals working in Waterloo Region, with half of the technology companies located right here in the City of Waterloo. These companies are redefining our economy at a local, provincial, national and international scale.

Support networks and funding opportunities help turn small startups into global players. 

VeloCity Venture Fund

  • Created in 2011 to allow startup companies the opportunity to compete for funding

Quantum Valley Investments

  • a $100-million private fund to advance the development of breakthroughs in quantum information science 

Many of our technology companies are located in our innovation centres which are concentrated along the Light Rail Transit (LRT) route – the uptown, the David Johnston Research + Technology Park, the Waterloo Corporate Campus and the Waterloo Innovation Park. As our technology sector expands, additional spaces will be accommodated.


Open Text, WaterlooOpenText, Waterloo

OpenText is Canada's largest software company, and recently ranked as one of Waterloo's top employers for 2013.

Launched in 2009 by a group of UW students, over 80 million people use Kik Interactive's interactive messaging service.

Magnet Forensics is an uptown Waterloo-based company that assists police services with crime investigations by recovering internet-related evidence on computer hard drives. The company has over 1,000 customers in 92 countries, including the OPP, New York City Police Department and Scotland Yard.

Creator of gesture control, wearable technology and human-computer interaction, Thalmic Labs is a growing Waterloo company and the country's hottest startup right now.

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