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Ariel photo of City of Waterloo

What will you find when you come to Waterloo?

You will find a strong economy because of low unemployment rates, the best post-secondary institutions in the country, stable housing and real estate markets and low consumer and business bankruptcies.

  • A city ranked among the top 20 startup hubs in the world because of the thousands of jobs and millions of dollars our startup companies generate for our economy
  • A city earmarked as a growth community by the Province of Ontario
  • A skyline dotted with 10 construction cranes and a building permit value at about $387 million
  • A municipal debt load that has been on a steady decline for the past three years
  • A city rooted in its rural Mennonite farming past but celebrating several breakthroughs that have landed us on the global stage

People are drawn to Waterloo for all it has to offer.


Accelerator Centre - WaterlooAccelerator Centre, Waterloo

Waterloo Region is Canada's Innovation Hub

  • 550 tech startups
  • 531 new companies started in the last 3 years
  • $500m+ in acquisitions in the last 12 months
  • 631 patents granted per million, 3x the national average
  • 1,000 tech firms
  • 2nd best performing economy in Canada
  • $25b in revenue from the tech sector
  • 1,000 open tech jobs
  • 30,000 employed at tech firms

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