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Project NameOverviewLot Area (sm)Storeysbuilding Area/Units
RED Condos

A mid-rise, mixed-use building on King Street


0.6 acres

663 units
144 Park Street

19-storey high-rise building with an active podium (townhouse base)

0.32 ha19148 units
Barrel Yards

A $350M mixed-use development project in the heart of uptown

5.1 ha
12.5 acres


1300 units with 180.000‐220,000 sf planned office

Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics

A think tank organization focused on theoretic physics well known for its modern design in Waterloo Park

- 3

120,000 sf with Stephen Hawking addition

CiGI Campus

A think tank organization focused on global issues located on the former Seagram property

1.89 ha

(4.7 acres)


220,000 sf for new campus

WLU Global Innovation Exchange Building (GIE) @ 64 University Ave. W.

A $103M project for WLU Business + Math – includes 9 lecture halls, a 1000 seat aud. and café.

15,459 sm (3 acres) (1.54 ha)


21,156 sm

(227,720 sf)

167 King Street North

A 12-storey student housing project on King Street

17,545 sm

(4.3 cres)

1241 units

Sage I – 8 Hictory St.

Sage II ‐318 Spruce St.


Two mixed-use hi-rise buildings in the Northdale neighbourhood


S1: 2,347 sm


S1: 12 s

S2: 23 s


Sage 1: 58 units

Sage 2: 199 units


256 Phillip Street

(subject to minor change)


High density student housing project with 4 towers, central amenity space and 1 level underground parking


18,060 sm

(1.8 ha)

(4.5 acres)



 +/- 456 units

+/- 1824 beds


Schlegel Long Term Care Facility and Research Institute for the Aging @ UW North Campus


A $160M multi-phase institutional project with long-term units and research component


37,353 sm

(9 acres)

(3.7 ha)


192 beds in Phase I with 330 retirement beds in Phase II + III

The Boardwalk with medical centre 

A 1.1 million square foot mixed-use commercial centre with medical office building (centre)


88 acres (1/2 in Waterloo)


1.1 million sf

½ in Waterloo with 200,000 sf office planned in Waterloo


Carriage Club/Crossing


High-end condos on the rural east lands – behind RIM Park


6.163 ha

(15.3 acres)


186 units on Block 319


Construction is booming in Waterloo and there are several opportunities for investors and businesses alike.

Located in the heart of Uptown Waterloo, the Barrel Yards project is the largest urban redevelopment project in Waterloo Region facilitated through an Official Plan, Zone Change and Development Agreement approvals in 2009.

The Boardwalk includes a central green space, an entertainment zone with a cinema, restaurants, a fitness centre, several anchor stores, and a broad range of shops including a fashion village. It also includes a corporate office campus planned for 160,000 sq.ft. office space.

The Waterloo Corporate Campus is a 780,000 square foot project located on the former NCR lands, at the corner of Weber Street North and Northfield Drive. This site is 40 acres in area and is planned for approximately 520,000 - 600,000 sq.ft. of office employment space, a data centre, and ancillary commercial retail and restaurant uses.


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